Friday, April 27, 2007

i am NOT jumping to any conculsions here

i don't know if in fact these four active and one retired officers were/are being discriminated against by the town of greenwich. i don't know if they are good officers or bad officers. what i DO know is they all did time in iraq. they ALL served their country.

they're not movie stars of millionaires (i don't think). they're cops. if in fact they WERE/ARE being discriminated against, i sure do hope they nail greenwich's ass to a board!

Officers sue over military leave

By Neil Vigdor Staff WriterApril 26, 2007
Four current members of the police department and one former officer are suing the town for alleged discrimination against them because of their military service, which they claim has cost them promotions, choice assignments and pay.All five officers behind the federal lawsuit, which the town was served on Monday, have done tours of duty in Iraq during the first and second Gulf wars as members of the Army Reserve and Army National Guard.Sgt. Robert Berry, Patrolman Sean O'Donnell, Sgt. Kraig Gray, Lt. James Heavey and retired Detective Terry McCue filed the seven-page lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Bridgeport on April 13."These guys are just trying to make sure that their rights and their privileges are protected the same way that they protect the rights of everybody in the United States as citizen soldiers and the way they protect the citizens of Greenwich as police officers," said Richard Gudis, the Old Saybrook lawyer for the officers and a fellow Army reservist........

..........."These issues are not new," said Sgt. James Bonney, president of the Silver Shield Association. "They didn't get any respect. These are guys who are out there defending the country, putting their lives on the line for the country."........

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