Wednesday, March 21, 2007

the last time i got called for jury duty

(no they didn't choose me, they didn't even get as far as actually questioning me. if they HAD, i would have asked to be excused because....) it was for a case where a man (allegedly - yeah right) beat the crap out of a pregnant woman (don't know if it was domestic or a robbery or what). the defendant was sitting in court while all the prospective jurors were brought in (prior to individual questioning). they told us to tell them if we knew any hartford hospital employees (if the beating was alleged why the hell would a hospital be involved i wondered to myself), which of course i do, if we know any east hartford police, which i do and if we knew any of the attorneys involved, which i didn't.

i saw that defendant sitting there in his newly purchased suit (which was so bright it was glowing) smirking up a storm.

i WOULD have asked to be excused not because i knew employees of east hartford or the hospital but because i knew that idiot beat the crap out of a pregnant woman. there was NO doubt in my mind

they better not call me up for THIS case either
Police: Pregnant Woman Attacked With Screwdriver

WEST HAVEN, Conn. -- Police said Tuesday a pregnant woman was attacked.
The woman, who was seven months' pregnant, was stabbed several times in the neck and chest with a screwdriver. Police said she was also beaten.
The incident .............

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