Monday, March 19, 2007

c'mon mr boynick did you really think

west hartford was going to allow you to open a PAWN SHOP in their burgeoning town? don't forget blue back is coming

be real mr boynick. you can sue all you like. it ain't EVER gonna happen


Lawsuit Likely Over Pawn Shop Action Considered After Town Council Blocks Plan For Business

By DANIEL P. JONES, Courant Staff Writer

WEST HARTFORD -- A local businessman says he likely will sue town officials for rejecting his proposal to open what would have been the first pawn shop in town.In a unanimous vote this week, the town council denied Seth Boynick permission to open the shop on Park Road.Council members said their vote was not a reflection on Boynick as an applicant, but a determination that opening a pawn shop would not be in the best interest of the town.Boynick said he visited town zoning officials more than a year ago to verify that a pawn shop is a permitted use in that location, but got double talk from other officials about his proposal. He said he was expecting the council to reject his proposal and told town officials in advance that he would challenge a denial. .................

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