Wednesday, March 07, 2007

do you REALLY think this would be an issue if

let's say for example the episcopalians wanted to build a church? i sure as heck don't.

Town Vs. Buddhists Temple Dispute In State's High Court

By LYNNE TUOHY, Courant Staff Writer

Many members of the Cambodian Buddhist Society of Connecticut fled the "killing fields" of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge regime three decades ago. Their crucible now is a pitched legal battle over whether they can build a temple on 10 acres they own in Newtown.The state Supreme Court heard arguments Tuesday on whether Newtown's denial of a special permit for the temple rises to a violation of state and federal laws that bar political entities from putting undue burdens on the exercise of religious freedom...

The Newtown Planning and Zoning Commission, in its unanimous decision in February 2003 denying the special permit application, stated in part: "Although the commission would welcome the Buddhist religion into the community, the planned and expected future level of activity proposed ... is too intense." .............. (yeah, TOO intense because connecticut is just TEEMING with buddhists)


Connecticut Man 1 said...

I don't know... Those episcopalians can be a pretty radical bunch. I Know, I am married to one! lol

a rose is a rose said...

you KNOW connecticut man i was NOT picking on episcopalians! i chose them at random........really!