Saturday, December 30, 2006

a secret santa in bridgeport

i love stories like this!!!

Mystery man makes holiday happy


Secret or not, this Santa was the real deal.
The Father Christmas at the center of this urban Yuletide tale remains a mystery, even to the Bridgeport police officers he deputized to help make city children's holiday a little brighter.
But his last-minute gesture can be identified as the true spirit of Christmas.
The miracle on State Street began to unfold last Sunday afternoon when the motorist flagged down police Lt. Tom Lula.
The man told Lula he didn't know where to donate 40 to 50 wrapped gifts, collected at his company's holiday party, which he was carrying in the back of his car. The gifts were even labeled with the appropriate genders and ages for recipients.
The man and Lula loaded the gifts into the cruiser, but before the officer could ask the man's name, he drove away.
So Lula and Sgt. Giselle Doszpoj got their chance to play Santa's helpers, with more than the usual authority: They activated their patrol cruiser's overhead lights to attract attention.
"We just rolled up on people we saw with children," Doszpoj said.
Then they handed out the gifts, which all went quickly, she said.
"What a night. It was the best night I've worked in years," she said.
It was a first for the two officers, who have almost 50 years' experience in law enforcement between them.
Lula said gifts were given to one woman with two babies living in a basement apartment with nearly no furniture..............

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