Friday, December 29, 2006

i don't usually get preachy

BUT i just saw this ad and thought it was wonderful!

friends of animals


Fuzzy Turtle said...

whenever I see someone wearing fur, I always tell them it's a nice coat. That person inevitably says "Thank you" with a smile, so I say I know someone who'd look better in it.. usually they laugh and say "oh ,YOU?" haha.

and I reply, no the nutrea/mink/creature who wore it originally.

Mean people wear fur, and they suck. I'm not crazy about meat eaters but I tolerate them (I live with one, I call him husbnad), but people who wear fur.. suck.

a rose is a rose said...

i too am surrounded by carnivores. i don't care though. one of my nieces is a vegetarian. other that that, no other family members are. when i cook for them (at the holidays) i always cook meatless and they really DO love it. i don't cook vegan for them though, i do use cheese and eggs and dairy.

my pops (79) likes a good vegan meal though. then again, he'll eat just about ANYTHING and like it.