Wednesday, December 20, 2006

if you are going to a mall to shop

be very careful. a helpful hint from me is: if you're of the female persuasion, DO NOT bring your purse. wear pants with pockets. put your plastic (or a couple of checks or your cash) in those pockets (oh, and don't forget your license). not only will your purse not be stolen, you will have one less thing to carry.

if you are of the male persuasion, i have no helpful hints for you at this time.

i went to westfarms last wednesday. it was a DISASTER. i found NOTHING. i usually buy a few ornaments at filene's (now macy's i know i know) and lord and taylor. i couldn't find ANY ornaments. i sure don't know where they hid them or even if they are still carrying ornaments. i got the nieces and nephews stuff from limited too and discovery store. other than that, NADA, ZIP.

Westfarms Mall beefs up security for holiday season

on thursday i went to avon. i SHOULD have done that all along. there are a TON of stores and i struck gold. oh and i also got a few gifts (and stuff for ME too) at japanalia on one on whitney street in hartford (such kick ass clothing)

Westfarms Mall beefs up security for holiday season

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