Saturday, December 23, 2006


look at that face...........

how could ANYONE do that to her? cheers to the town of naugatuck for authorizing gretchen's surgery

Donations sought to care for wounded dog

(Naugatuck-WTNH, Dec. 22, 2006 Updated 10:15 PM) _ A Naugatuck veterinarian and an animal control officer are trying to raise money to pay for surgery for a dog that was beaten and abandoned.
The dog, a young gray pit bull, was found abandoned last week in the City Hill Street area. Authorities say it had a football-sized tumor on its side.
A veterinarian determined that the tumor wasn't cancer, but was a hematoma caused by a beating. The dog also had several broken ribs.
Even though Naugatuck doesn't have the money in its budget, officials authorized the $600 surgery.
Marilyn Weid, the town's assistant animal control officer, is hoping for donations to cover the cost...........

if you can think about adopting her. the article goes on to say if she doesn't find a home she may be put down

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