Friday, October 13, 2006

what a GREAT idea

this is sound advice from the police. IF you have a lost pet, BEFORE you go out looking for her or him, inform the police department. strangers approaching kids with a waiting vehicle behind them is NEVER a good idea. what a bunch of savvy kids we have here in connecticut! (i hope ALL kids act this way)

Lost dog attracts attention in Milford

A woman looking for a lost dog in Milford was mistaken as a potential child abductor.
The woman who stopped on Union Street Saturday asked a group of boys if they had seen her lost dog, according to police.
After the boys ran back to their yards, a parent told the woman not to approach them for help, police said.
Although officers initially handled the incident as suspicious, they later found the woman was actually looking for a lost dog, Officer Vaughan Dumas, Milford police spokesman, said.
Dumas said it was the second such incident in Milford in the past two weeks.......

...............A person should report a lost dog before they look for it, which would allow officers to help, Dumas said.
If that were done, officers might not have to investigate suspected................

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