Tuesday, October 10, 2006

the town of west hartford

is EFFING NUTS. i stopped by my popi's house today (he's home on tuesdays. one of the only days he is home. he is 79 years old. he has been living in west hartford in the SAME HOUSE for 45 years.). he got a letter from the town. they have appraised his house at TWICE what it was last appraised at. that means he has to pay taxes on THAT amount. THAT IS EFFED UP. that is ALL blue black. i voted against it TWICE but it went through. TWICE the taxes. oh the mill rate didn't go down mind you. i'm even guessing it went up. i didn't read the letter (yet). i will tomorrow. i am going to write to the town AND the courant. not that it will do any good. it won't. but again. that is SO effed up. TWICE, DOUBLE his taxes. my dad is 79 and on a fixed income. SHITE. that is EFFED UP. i am so mad my head is spinning 360 degrees


Anonymous said...

Thou art correct. It shows the complete lack of connection between property owners and the government. To them we are just numbers. We are not cared about until they need our property for something and want to take it. Or untill we lose it and they run around trying to create affordable housing.

PROPERTY TAXES should be based on use AND value. People shouldnt have to leave their homes just because they went up in price. Its a home not a freaking tax source.

a rose is a rose said...

i meant blue BACK (not blue black)

i guess the citizens of west hartford collectively went nuts. there was a blurb in the courant about how no one should freak out JUST YET. the mil (or mill, i'm not sure) rate hasn't been determined yet

yeah right is what i say back