Tuesday, October 24, 2006

my mr bento with today's breakfast, lunch and snack

mccanns quick cooking irish oatmeal cooked with vanilla silk soymilk. i added just a whisp of maple syrup and a few peanut butter puffins cereal bits
silk soy vanilla yogurt with some pinapple chunks

tofu pups with some vegan gourmet cheese monterey jack flavor,
relish, chopped tomato and a dab of tofutti sour supreme

brown rice udon noodles, peas and a slammin' peanut/cashew sauce
sauce was made from stuff i had around: a few teaspoons cashew butter, a few teaspoons peanut butter, soy or tamari or shoyu, a couple of teaspoons of hoisin, a couple of teaspoons of some balsamic vinegar i had boiled down/reduced with some natural sugar, some chili flakes and water to thin it all down

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