Tuesday, October 24, 2006

connecticut site of the day

the hilltop brigade

What is the Hilltop Brigade?The Hilltop Brigade is an email list of friends and friends of friends who are interested in national and international affairs and deeply concerned that the country is going in the wrong direction under President Bush and the Republicans. We want to return the House of Representatives to Democratic control.The ConceptThe Hilltop Brigade recruits volunteers in "safe" Democratic congressional districts and puts them to work in "battleground" congressional districts. In Connecticut this means recruiting volunteers in the First Congressional District (held by Democrat John Larson) and in the Third Congressional District (held by Democrat Rosa DeLauro) and putting them to work for:
Joe Courtney in the Second Congressional District (running against Republican incumbent Rob Simmons);
Diane Farrell in the Fourth Congressional District (running against Republican incumbent Chris Shays); and
Chris Murphy (running against Republican incumbent Nancy Johnson)..

election day is almost upon us. we MUST do something. please check out this website and volunteer if you're able

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