Tuesday, September 05, 2006

log cabin baby blanket (three stages so far)

i'm making for my boss and his wife. i'd best hurry, little noah was born this weekend.

i am mostly using kettle dyed
malabrigo merino i got at sit-n-knit in west hartford center. the colors are wonderful and the yarn is fairly soft as well. the middle square is a lumpy bumpy mix of wool and silk. i do NOT recommend using this type of yarn for log cabin knitting. the stitches are very hard to pick up (so i'm not going to repeat it's use). i think i'm going to use some lovely noro i have to do some embroidery (chain stitch i think) where the yarns join. i think i'm also going to single crochet the noro around the completed blanket as a border.

update update update: FINISHED BLANKET

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