Friday, September 08, 2006

japanalia eiko

has opened a store in back of the cvs on farmington avenue (actually it's on whitney street) in hartford. it's called japanalia on one

their grand opening was yesterday (i didn't attend) but i stopped by today early afternoon. WONDERFUL clothing, WONDERFUL bargains.

i got a denim swing jacket (i'm planning on sewing a knitted patch of some kind on the back. that will come MUCH later, the holidays are fast approaching and i have to concentrate on making things for others), a shirt AND the most wonderful cape-type thing. it is not something i can describe. it's made out of fleece (mine is deep green) and is just all slit up. i will take a picture of it soon. it's something i actually had in mind to make out of felt, but that would take forever (hand made felt of course) and cost a small fortune. the original price of the cape type object DID cost a small fortune BUT i got it marked down AND i got an additional discount for paying in cash (or check. just through tomorrow, saturday)

if you're in the hood, stop by and check them out. VERY unique clothing. very wicked cool woman working there as well

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