Wednesday, August 16, 2006

the worm crawls

a GOOD ending to this story. how ridiculous to try to stop a youngster from selling worms. damn what a bunch o' idjits

Cromwell's Can Of Worms Ends Happily For Teenager

By JODIE MOZDZER Courant Staff Writer August 16 2006 CROMWELL -- The worm turned for 13-year-old Joey Cadieux Tuesday night at a special meeting of the planning and zoning commission.In a unanimous vote, the commission rescinded what some members said was an "unauthorized" July letter sent to Joey that told him to close down his night crawlers business - an action that triggered international outrage against the order and support for the young entrepreneur.The backlash also prompted finger pointing among town officials who blamed each other for the black eye given the town's reputation."I'm excited," Joey said after the meeting. He headed home to put up the 18-by-18-inch sign, "NITE CRAWLERS," that drew town officials' attention to his worm business on Washington Road in the first place.At the commission's June 20 meeting, a general discussion of home businesses and signs led to a discussion of the worm sign and how such signs violated zoning regulations. In the end, commission members asked that the zoning enforcement officer, Fred Curtin, look into it. He did and then issued the order without following up with the commission, according to commission Chairman Peter Hanson.Since the public uproar over the order, other signs have been popping up on Washington Road in support of Joey and his worms, reading, "Hug a worm," "Worms for Rent" and "Live Worm or Die."...............

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