Thursday, August 17, 2006

i saw let da liebs keep jawin'

the more he says, the angrier he makes his constituants. i am NOT a terrorist, or a supporter of terrorists. i am NOT a kook. i am NOT opening my front door to al queda by voting my heart AND my mind. i'm not willing to sacrifice any more lives of our men and women to a war based on lies and goddess knows what else. da liebs MUST go (as well as the king and his court, but we have to wait a bit more for king george to leave his throne) and we MUST elect ned lamont

Senate Democrats grow angry at Joe Lieberman for campaign tactics

Some Senate Democrats are becoming angry with Senator Joe Lieberman's statements on the campaign trail, today's issue of The Hill is reporting.
Democrats are upset with statements Lieberman made about the Iraq war, implying that the stand of many Democrats to bring the troops home from Iraq by a certain date puts national security at risk. Some senior aides have intimated that Lieberman may lose seniority within the caucus over the imbroglio.
A majority of Senate Democrats, 26 to date, have said they will support Ned Lamont in the November election. Lamont beat Lieberman in the Democratic primary last week.
Excerpts from The Hill
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Frederick said...

Why doesn't he just switch party affiliation and get it over with instead of masqurading as a dem or independant?

a rose is a rose said...

that's a damn good question. he keeps throwing jabs at republicans (now and then) yet he's in the closet kissing them every night.

what's wrong with THAT picture