Tuesday, August 22, 2006

da liebs in rolling stone

who knew he was such a hep happenin' dude? NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT any way, it's a good article. give it a read.

THE LOW POST: Dead Man Coming
Don't hold your breath waiting for Joe Lieberman to go away.

Late at night in Hartford's Goodwin Hotel last Tuesday -- I'm not even sure what time it was -- Joe Lieberman made his way to the podium for his much-anticipated "concession" speech.
I'd been joking with another reporter that en route to his capitulation Joe would leave fingernail tracks in the carpet leading all the way back to his private room upstairs, but surprisingly he did not have to be dragged onstage at all, and his little elfin nails looked unbloodied and intact as he spoke. I was looking over a crowd of reporters and Joe staffers, off to the right and to the rear of the hall, as he announced his determination to press on:
"If the people of Connecticut are good enough to send me back to Washington . . . " he began, "I promise them I will keep fighting for the same progressive new ideas and for stronger national security . . . "
At the words progressive new ideas I couldn't help myself and let out a little laugh, recalling Lieberman's determination to yank funding from public schools that counseled suicidal teens that it was OK to be gay. Was that the kind of progressive idea he was talking about? I really did try to muffle it, but it was too late -- a middle-aged woman with big dangly earrings in a Lieberman T-shirt whipped around and glared at me.
"Yes?" I said.
"Have some respect!" she snapped.
"What?" I shouted.............. ......."You know what?" she said. "You reporters are all alike. You won't admit it, but you're all anti-Semites . . . "
I scratched my head. Anti-Semites? The song rattled on creepily:
If you rough it up
If you like it you can slide it up, slide it up
I shuddered at this, trying to keep my wits, but Horn-Rimmed Glasses was still whaling away at me. "You people really do have no respect," she went on. "Joe is such a wonderful man . . . "
"Listen," I exploded, interrupting her. "Do you know what this song is about?"
She froze.
"It's about a guy who gets an erection that doesn't go away," I said. "Can you explain to me why this song is playing now? What the hell is wrong with you people?"
Horn-Rimmed frowned and listened. At that exact moment Mick Jagger was wrapping the song up:
You, you make a dead man come . . .
You, you make a dead man come . . .................

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