Friday, August 25, 2006

the cine-one-too-effing-many in east hartford is closing

i make a point of AVOIDING those giant theaters. i HATE them. i HATE most of the movies they show.

i'm sorry it's closing though. i am always upset when i hear of something that is going to close. i worry about the loss of jobs.

i prefer to go to cinestudio at trinity or the theater by brainard field (it was called cinema city, but i'm not sure of the name now). i'm more of an independent or foreign movie snob (don't get me wrong, i be lovin' me some animal house). i'm also an avid member of netflix. i LOVE that service. the last time i was in a video rental store, it was to return some dvds i didn't even know i had and the late fees cost me ALMOST as much as it would have cost me to replace the dvds. i tore up my card to that store then and there. (by the way, that had NEVER happened to me before. i am usually VERY reliable. don't know what happened. i just forgot i had those videos)

East Hartford Cinema To Close

BY DAN UHLINGER Courant Staff Writer August 24 2006, 2:26 PM EDT EAST HARTFORD -- Suffering from fewer moviegoers, Showcase Cinema, a town fixture and eyecatcher along I-84 for more than 30 years, will close Sept. 4 after its last showing.Company officials were preparing a press release about the theater after employees said they were told Tuesday about the closing."It wasn't a huge surprise but everyone was pretty sure it was going to stay around for a while," said Chris Devaux, an employee who has worked at the 14-screen theater since 1997.Robert Moch, theater manager, said he could not comment and was told to refer all inquiries to Dedham, Mass.-based National Amusements Inc., the owner of Showcase Cinemas."The word is out there," said Devaux. "Employees have been telling customers as they buy tickets, but I guess the company wants to make a big announcement."Mayor Melody A. Currey said company officials have not notified the town about the closing or returned phone calls to her."I think obviously it was decision they made a while ago and they're moving on," she said. "I'm disappointed they chose not to upgrade the site. The last time was 1995. It's a great location with great visibility."........


Gary said...

Is Cinestudio still operating? Glad to hear that. I loved that place when I lived out that way.

a rose is a rose said...

yes gary it sure is. put yourself on the mailing list (it's free)for the monthly movie brochure


(or i think you can contribute a certain amout and they'll stamp it and it will get there quicker)