Thursday, July 20, 2006

they're EQUALLY guilty in my eyes

this story made me cry. a nine month old baby with TWENTY SIX broken bones? some already healing, they were that old. a woman who was eight months pregnant assaulted / threatened with a box cutter by her 'boyfriend'. he goes to jail and does MINIMAL time, gets out AND SHE LETS HIM BACK IN WITH HER and the BABY? i don't care if he physically broke the baby's bones and she didn't - THEY BOTH ARE GUILTY and MUST pay. a nine month old is going to pay for the rest of HIS life AND he is INNOCENT. what kind of people live in this world?

Baby's 26 fractures lead to parents' arrest

By Heather Nann Collins , Journal Inquirer
When told in June that his 7-month-old son had 26 fractures, Hartford police say, Jimmy Smith didn't even flinch. Rather, the Massachusetts man - who was on probation for assaulting his son's mother last fall when she was eight months pregnant with the boy - didn't say a word, police say.
"He did not change expression or affect when he was told that his son has 26 fractures throughout his body," a detective wrote."It should be noted that Smith never referred to the baby as his son, or child, or even by his name ... calling the baby 'it,' and 'the kid,'" the detective, Sabine K. Nyenhuis, noted in an affidavit.On Tuesday, Smith, 41, was arraigned in Hartford Superior Court on 26 counts of first-degree assault, two counts of third-degree assault, and a single count of risk of injury to a minor.Prosecutor Sandra Tullius said the state filed one first-degree assault count for each of the baby boy's fractures. The charge is filed under the statute's "extreme indifference to human life" section, she noted.Smith is being held in lieu of $750,000, and returns to court July 31.The baby's mother, Drucilla Thomas, 38, of Fales Street in Hartford, also was charged. She was arraigned on single counts of first-degree assault, first-degree reckless endangerment, and risk of injury to a minor. .........


Anonymous said...

Let us think, now! This scum should be made an example of. The fact that there is a bond at all is unimaginable. I am so rocked by this I could not sleep because of how sick I felt. I have 3 small children. I get angry. I didn't have a perfect upbringing, but if i ever got so angry that i would harm my chidren, shoot me dead. That is my stand on what should happen to this piece of shit. Let us talk about her. She is just as guilty. To turn the other way is unforgivable. There are millions of families including my own that would take a strangers child in a heart beat. Where are the campaigns, the public service announcements that will reach out to so-called parents to give them an option like that... "don't break your babies bones , give them to a loving home......." By the way, what about the day care provider? She/he was not aware that this child was in excruciating pain? ugh.... i have to stop. someone please discuss this with me. AG

a rose is a rose said...

ag, there is NO disagreement here. i feel like you do (well execpt for the killing part, BUT .........)

at any rate, SOMEONE else must have seen this baby besides the mother and father and NO ONE mentioned anything?

i just read somewhere about the authorities getting involved with an alleged abuse case. the little girl (i think it was a girl) had what appeared to be bruises all over her back, rather like whip marks. turns out there is a disease with symptoms that appear to be beating marks. i would rather HAVE the authorities investigate than NOT ANY DAY