Wednesday, July 19, 2006


georgia is my kind o' babe too. my friend eric has a deaf dalmation. i believe it's genetic with the breed but don't know for sure.

Talking to dogs through sign language
(Killingworth-WTNH, July 18, 2006 5:00 PM) _ Dr. Dolittle had his own way of talking with the animals and now it can be as easy as sign language.
Two deaf Dalmatians are doing something totally unexpected. They're helping people learn sign language.
"You listen to your friend okay."
It's a sight to behold. Southern Connecticut State University Students are using sign language to talk with Georgia and Hogan.
SCSU student Timothy Edwards says,"I figured it would be difficult communicating with them."
Hogan and Georgia are Dalmatians and both are deaf.
Owner Connie Bombaci says,"Being deaf the belief was that deaf dogs should be destroyed."
The dogs were rescued by Connie and Jim Bombaci. She decided to teach both the American Sign Language.
"They're very intelligent. For Hogan to understand 65 signs when most dogs don't understand that many verbally, that says a lot."
Connie says,"Georgia. We think that she understands most of them but Georgia has a very different personality and if she doesn't want to listen to it she turns her head away." ............


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