Tuesday, July 11, 2006

some people stick to their beliefs

like ms keaney. she seems to tell it like it is and i like that in a person. i would disagree with her (personally) on one point though. IF the liebs wins the primary i will NOT support him. i just cannot

Lieberman confronted by voter on campaign stop

(WTNH, July 10, 2006 6:10 PM) _ With just 28 days to go until the state Democratic primary, Senator Joe Lieberman seems to be encountering a bit of political harassment.
Ned Lamont's campaign says they have nothing to do with it but Lieberman's campaign thinks otherwise.
by Chief Political Correspondent Mark Davis
It has been a full week since Senator Lieberman announced he would hedge his bets on the outcome of the Democratic primary by circulating petitions to run as an Independent in November. Today, he got called on that strategy at one of his own campaign events.
In between events in the Hartford area today, Senator Lieberman made a quick trip to the Tigin Irish Pub in Stamford to get the endorsement of the Irish/American Democrats of Connecticut.
There were two anti-Lieberman picketers outside who claimed not to be part of the Lamont campaign.
Inside, I found myself in the middle of a verbal confrontation from someone who claimed to be a life-long Democrat and Lieberman supporter.
"I'm wondering why you're being a 'fair weather democrat' saying that you'll only respect the Democratic primary if you win, isn't that the epitome of a 'fair weather Democrat?" asks Maura Keaney."I'm gonna win," says Lieberman."And if you win I will respect that and I will support you 100 percent as will other Irish-American immigrants," says Keaney."I want ultimately to give a larger group, including a larger group of Democrats the opportunity to vote in November," says Lieberman."Aren't Democrats smart enough to know when the primary is?" asks Keaney."I hope so, and, in a way this is a challenge and look, this is the point of our system," says Lieberman....................

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