Wednesday, July 05, 2006

c'mon liebs grow a set!

either you ARE a democrat or you are NOT a democrat. either you win or lose the primary in august. if you LOSE to ned lamont take your vagina out of your mama's handbag and BACK HIM UP as the DEMOCRATIC senatorial candidate from connecticut. don't take the ball away and cry unfair practices. your constituants may like a lot of what you stand for BUT it is evident THEY DO NOT BACK THIS UNJUST WAR BASED ON LIES. BRING OUR MEN AND WOMEN HOME NOW

Lieberman Tries to Reassert Commitment to Democrats

WILLIMANTIC, Conn., July 4 — Senator Joseph I. Lieberman tried to reassert his commitment to the Democratic Party today, after announcing on Monday that he would run independently for reelection if he loses the state Democratic primary next month.
"I have one goal, and it is to be the Democratic nominee and win this primary," Mr. Lieberman said after an Independence Day parade in this eastern Connecticut town, where he marched with a few dozen people, drawing both cheers of support and shouts of opposition.
Speaking to reporters at the end of the parade route, Mr. Lieberman decried what he saw as too much hatred in politics.
"Once you start hating, you lose the ability to get anything done," he said.
He added later that when he disagreed with his party, it was on the basis of principles.
"I think that saying 'you've got to be with us for everything' is the road to defeat for any political party," he said.
The parade today was Mr. Lieberman's first public appearance since he announced that he would begin gathering 7,500 signatures on nominating petitions so that he can seek a place on the November ballot as an independent if he is denied the Democratic nomination. .................

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