Thursday, June 08, 2006

went to

sit-n-knit yesterday and got more stash! the center was a MESS yesterday but the visit to the yarn store made it all worth while. very nice people in the store. it's a pleasure doing business there (unlike many OTHER stores in the center). the rain was unbelievable. i'm wondering if i should start building an ark

the blue & pink yarns are 100% alpaca from peru. the green and green/purple combo are luxury bumpy yarn by charlene (99% merino and 1% nylon - it's SO cool) and it's by farmhouse yarns. the orange/pink yarn is; claudia hand painted yarns 100% merino. the little red and green balls are baby alpaca (SO SOFT). i'm going to use them to make the strawberry fruit hat for baby s (well she's a year and a half now) . the brown/orange and grey/black/brown wicked cool yarns are malabrigo hand dyed - kettle dyed merino.

i have NO idea (except for the strawberry hat) what i'm going to use the yarns for. i also bought a book (you can see it under the malabrigo) with unbelievable modular vest/sweater/jacket patterns.

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