Friday, June 09, 2006

sometimes i think our court system is INSANE

first it was the 5'1" CONVICTED child assaulter whom the judge thought was too short to go to prison and now THIS?????? WTF??????? read this and see if you don't agree with me. WTF is this man doing out AT ALL let alone being given ONLY five years for his LATEST assault. what's WRONG with THIS picture?

"Predator" sentenced to 5 years in prison
June 8, 2006
NEW LONDON, Conn. --A repeat sex offender that even a Superior Court judge suggested be locked away forever has been sentenced to five years in prison for the sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl.
Edward F. Boyle, 45, was sentenced Wednesday for two counts of second-degree sexual assault.
"You scare me, Mr. Boyle," Judge Susan B. Handy said before sentencing Boyle. "You frighten me and I don't think you have a true concept of the illness you suffer from."
The sentence was accepted by the court because the lawyer for the Groton teenager who was assaulted said her client was too fragile to testify.
Boyle was released from prison in 1999 after serving 18 years on manslaughter and sexual assault charges. In 1980, he strangled a 20-year-old Coventry bowling alley worker while he tried to rape her, according to court records.
He admitted the crime while he was serving a six-year sentence for raping a 52-year-old woman in Manchester.
Boyle will be required to register as a sex offender, receive psychiatric evaluation and treatment, and be subject to random testing and searches.
As a condition of his 15 years probation, Boyle will also be required to get approval for romantic and sexual relationships.

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