Tuesday, June 20, 2006

today is the day for lewis

FREE LEWIS! (send him to utah if need be, but LET HIM LIVE). there is NO NEED to kill that cat because he 'attacked' an avon lady. geeze, if he stays indoors there IS no further problem. of course i think this is rather funny EXCEPT the part about him having a death sentence. i do NOT think that is funny AT ALL. the courant article below names the neighbor who is INSISTING upon frying lewis.

"Crazy cat" gets offer of safe haven
(WTNH, June 19, 2006 6:15 PM) _ Fairfield's so-called "crazy cat" has already been banned from going outside and now he could be on the move.
A Utah organization called "The Best Friends Animal Society" is offering to give Lewis a safe haven.
Neighbors say Lewis has terrorized them, ambushing them with sharp claws.
A Bridgeport Superior Judge will decide the fate of the ferocious feline tomorrow.
He'll decide whether to give cat owner Ruth Cisero special probation and spare Lewis' life.


Utah organization offers sanctuary to Lewis the cat

19, 2006
BRIDGEPORT, Conn. --A Utah organization is offering a safe haven to Lewis the cat, a Fairfield feline whose alleged vicious attacks on neighbors have landed his owner in court.
Superior Court Judge Patrick Carroll is expected to decide Lewis' fate Tuesday when he considers an application for accelerated rehabilitation for the cat's owner, Ruth Cisero.
Neighbors say they have been terrorized by Lewis, claiming the cat's long claws and stealth have allowed it to attack at least a half-dozen people and ambush the Avon lady as she was getting out of her car.
The Best Friends Animal Society of Kanab, Utah, which claims to be the country's largest no-kill animal sanctuary, has offered to take Lewis free of charge.
"If necessary to save the life of Lewis the cat, we agree to provide Lewis with a place to live out his life at our sanctuary," Russ Mead, Best Friends' general counsel, wrote in a letter to Carroll.
Tuesday's hearing is to determine whether Cisero should get special probation and have her cat's life spared.
Another judge told Cisero she would grant her special probation on the condition that she have Lewis put to death, which Cisero has refused to do..........


Now A Jailbird, Lewis The Cat Awaits His Fate

Lewis the Cat is akin to a capital felony convict: He faces a death sentence or life in prison - his owner's home - without possibility of release. His owner may learn his fate today.The fluffy feline's crime was attacking neighbors on nearby Sunset Circle in December and February."You wouldn't believe what this cat can do," victim Janet Kettman said Monday. "It's not just a scratching. It's a mauling."Since February Lewis has been under a lifetime restraining order. If owner Ruth Cisero moves, she must register him with the local animal control officer and keep him indoors. If she gives him away, the restraining order stays in effect and she remains responsible for him."Lewie," as Cisero calls him, has become an international cause celebre.He has a MySpace Web page created for him by Fairfield University graduate student Erin Reeves. By popular demand, Reeves now sells "Free Lewis" shirts, mugs and, yes, mousepads. (Reeves gives $3 per shirt to Cisero for her defense fund.) Lewis has an entry on Wikipedia and has made the international media. A large photograph of the long-haired Lewis ran in People magazine last week with the headline "Dead Cat Walking."But there is more to this story than a tabloid tabby............


marybishop said...

Oh I wish I'd seen the photo...! Now that the mayor of Bridgeport admitted to using cocaine, I have a feeling the Lewis story will take a back seat in CT news today..too bad. Free Lewis, he only used catnip and he didn't inhale.

a rose is a rose said...

i believe he's FREE. they've been teasing me on the news and i'm just sitting here waiting, through all sorts of UNimportant stories. GIVE ME LEWIS