Thursday, June 22, 2006


that is why i support ned lamont

the more that comes out of the liebs mouth, the more i want to stuff a dirty sock in it. WHO created the iraqi terrorists coming after our soldiers? WE DID you giant weenie! the iraqis DID NOT ATTACK US UNTIL WE WENT OVER AND INVADED THEIR COUNTRY. we had NO RIGHT NONE WHAT SO EVER. we MUST leave

Lieberman Goes It Alone

Senator Breaks With Democrats In Otherwise Partisan Debate On Plans To Pull Troops From Iraq
Washington Bureau Chief June 22 2006
WASHINGTON -- A somber Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman stood alone on the Democratic side of the Senate Wednesday and broke with his colleagues on the Iraq war, announcing he would oppose today two Democratic-authored blueprints for pulling American troops out of Iraq. Lieberman, the first and so far only Democrat to declare plans to vote against both measures, spoke near the end of a tense day of partisan debate over Iraq policy. Setting a deadline for redeployment or withdrawal, he said, could have dire consequences."I fear that it would also send another message to our terrorist enemies and to the sectarian militias in Iraq," Lieberman argued, "that America is not prepared to see this fight through until the Iraqis themselves can take over.".............

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