Thursday, May 04, 2006

i'm NOT going to be politically correct on this one

nor am i apologizing for how i feel. ONCE a taliban ALWAYS a taliban and no one can shake that belief from me. i don't trust this man as far as i can throw him. please understand i am NOT speaking against islam or the people of the middle east. i am ONLY speaking against the taliban (here and now). not only do i think he shouldn't be allowed at yale (at all) but i think he should have NEVER been allowed to enter this country at all. i don't care to or want to better understand THOSE kinds of beliefs. i don't care if he understands 'ours' either because i don't think it possible. some people ARE capable of change. no members, current or prior or future of the taliban are in that group

Request Stokes Debate Over Yale Student With a Taliban Past

A student at Yale University who was once a roving ambassador for the Taliban regime in Afghanistan has applied for admission to a degree-granting program, putting new pressure on university officials in an emotionally charged political debate over his presence at Yale.
The student, Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi, 27, began taking courses at Yale last summer in a nondegree program for untraditional students. After an article about his experience appeared in The New York Times Magazine on Feb. 26, Yale was fiercely criticized in opinion articles in The Wall Street Journal and in other newspapers and magazines, as well as on cable news shows and Web sites.
Four alumni began a blog, Nail Yale, that questioned why someone they described as "an apologist for a brutal, misogynistic, terrorist-abetting tyranny" was being allowed to attend one of the country's most selective universities. And some families of victims of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and of American servicemen and women in Afghanistan accused the university of harboring a representative of a regime that had committed myriad crimes and repeatedly violated human rights........

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