Sunday, April 30, 2006

i'm STUNNED too state senator mcdonald!

i sure don't understand what possible GOOD defeating this bill is doing. is the nra so deep up your asses you can't pass a bill that would help to get ILLEGAL GUNS OFF OF THE STREETS? damn damn and damn

House rejects stolen gun penalties

Greenwich Time By Tobin A. Coleman April 29, 2006
The state House of Representatives last night defeated an amendment that would have required gun owners to report lost or stolen weapons within 72 hours or face criminal charges.
By a vote of 79 to 66, the House rejected the amendment backed by Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell and law enforcement officials across the state.
Shooting deaths and gun crimes this past year in Stamford and Norwalk were among those cited by Connecticut Against Gun Violence, a group that lobbied for the amendment.
Supporters, including police chiefs, rank-and- file officers and the head of the state police, said the bill closes a legal loophole that has allowed the flow of guns to increase.
The Senate last week passed the amendment 28 to 5 with bipartisan support, including 22 co-sponsors.
State Sen. Andrew McDonald, D-Stamford, the main sponsor of the measure, said he was 'stunned' by the outcome in the House.
'Wow,' McDonald said when told about the outcome. 'That's too bad. I'm very surprised and disappointed. The bill came out of the Senate on an extraordinarily strong bipartisan vote and I had high hopes for it. . . . I'm also very surprised because we've had a rash of gun violence in major cities across the state and even in some small towns.'
McDonald said he will bring the bill up again next year if he is re-elected.

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