Wednesday, April 12, 2006

ok, what the HELL is it with connecticut and

damn, this has to be at LEAST the fifth incident.....

College student charged with molesting two girls
April 11, 2006
NEWINGTON, Conn. --A 22-year-old college student was charged Tuesday with molesting two 12-year-old girls after arranging a rendezvous with one of them on the popular Web site, police said.
David F. Leonard, of New Britain, who attends Central Connecticut State University, was charged with third-degree sexual assault, fourth-degree sexual assault, impairing the morals of children, interfering with police and submitting a false statement.
Police said he kissed and fondled the two girls, who are friends, last summer near a school in Newington.
Leonard was scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday in New Britain Superior Court. He was held on $150,000 bond.
Leonard was arrested by state police on Jan. 30 on similar charges in a case allegedly involving a 15-year-old victim in Vernon, according to state police records.
MySpace's parent company, News Corp., began an advertising campaign on Monday warning teens and their parents about online predators.
The Web site enables computer users to meet any of more than 60 million members. Users post searchable profiles that can include photos of themselves and such details as where they live and what music they like..........


Coffey0072 said...

It's not's parents needing to monitor their teens' internet use. And teens needing to learn common sense.
This nonsense has been going on well before MySpace came into our lives. MySpace has done nothing more than exacerbate people's ignorance about the dangers of underage internet use.
It has gotten ridiculous.

a rose is a rose said...

oh i didn't mean to give the impression it's the internet's fault. it IS the responsibility of parents to make sure their children are NOT doing inappropriate things, whether it be listening to the radio or tv or movies OR myspace. i don't want a country full of censorship.

on the other hand, i wouldn't mind myspace (and places like it) having monitors watching out for certain things (that involve UNDERAGE individuals)

Anonymous said...

Parents can only do so much. You can ask your kids who they are talking to. They say my friend...then one thing leads to another and the internet goes to phone and they are in their room talking etc. I never even knew what my space was. i asked my girls they told me no one can talk to them but their friends on their list. What do I know. I guess we trust our kids to much you try to beleive them and out of I don't know, low self estem etc. they see someone they think is like 18 thinging hteir hot etc. not relaizing they are being victimized. This guy needs to go to jail for years and I hope every day of it is a living hell. I know his victems will be living with their own hell for being suckered into beleiving him. I hope they set an example for him.

a rose is a rose said...

i agree about parents being able to only do so much. one would hope though, that they instill some sense of good and bad and evil and safe and harm in their children. one would hope the parents ALWAYS have an open dialog with their kids. letting their kids know, no matter what, they can ALWAYS talk to mom and dad.

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