Monday, April 17, 2006

i went to sit-n-knit on friday

they're in west hartford center and have a new space. they just moved across the street (lasalle road) from where they were. however, they have MUCH more room and what a cheery place it is!

here's some of the stash i have from sit-n-knit

fabulous felted bags by nicky epstein (with the book opened to the fuschias handbag).
yarn from top center: the white is: classic elite (i'm STILL working on that second skull scarf), the fuzzy hairy blue/green yarn is: cabaret from stacy charles. the blue and purple yarns are cotton and linen from maggi knits. the yellow with pom poms is of course pom pom by filatura di crosa. i am going to attempt my first socks (soon) and i got a couple different (non-wool) sock yarns. the varigated is silk color by regia (well that DOES have a bit of wool in in) and the lime green and other varigated yarn is fixation by cascade (cotton with just a tad; 1/7% elastic). i have forgotten what the ball to the left of the classic elite is. it was in a big hank hanging up and i JUST HAD to have it. it's 550 yards too! it is so lovely, wish the picture did it justice. anyway, the people at sit-n-knit are GRAND. i love that store!

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