Friday, March 03, 2006

an odd tale from the highways and byways of connecticut

a woman was pulled over recently because a device (used by the police and dmv) went off alerting the device holder radioactive materials were present in her vehicle. i guess it's cool HOMELAND SECURITY is really doing something but i don't know how i feel about my bloodstream contents being monitored.

......""I was pulled over because of something in my bloodstream," she said. "There are [federal privacy laws], and I pretty much had to tell him I had a medical test. I was going to say, `none of your business why I'm radioactive.' But that wouldn't have gotten me that far."".......

Radar Didn't Get Her; Radiation Did March 3, 2006 By TRACY GORDON FOX, Courant Staff Writer

The large, black SUV passed the woman on the left, abruptly slowed down, and then dropped behind her. Suddenly, flashing red and blue lights lit up her rearview mirror. "Ma'am, you were pulled over because you set off a nuclear radioactive alarm," a man dressed in a blue jumpsuit-type uniform and a baseball cap said in a monotone.
It sounds like a scene from the movie "Men in Black." A select group of state troopers and inspectors from the state Department of Motor Vehicles now wear ultra-sensitive, portable radiation detectors on their belts to check for dangerous materials inside large trucks.But the 45-year-old Suffield woman wasn't hauling nuclear waste. She had been injected with a radioactive substance for a common medical test.......

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