Wednesday, March 01, 2006

more on the two nuns who were (allegedly) discriminated against in a connecticut establishment

again, i am going to closely follow this story. i would like to hear some of the other diners interviewed. i don't WANT to (because as i said yesterday this is 2006 connecticut NOT 1953 alabama), but i tend to believe the sisters.

NAACP meets with nuns claiming discrimination
(Windsor Locks-WTNH, Feb. 28, 2006 9:45 PM) _ Two African American nuns have the attention of the NAACP. The nuns from the Sisters of Notre Dame say they were discriminated against by a white waitress at a Ramada Inn.
Now the Connecticut NAACP is asking answers and a public apology.
by News Channel 8's Sara Welch
Scot X Esdaile listened to the two women and backs their story about what happened at the Ramada Inn in Winsdor Locks Saturday night.
Sisters Patty and Josia told Esdaile the same story they told News Channel 8. The two women believe a white waitress ignored them because they are black.
When asked why it was taking so long to take their order Sister Patty claims the woman refused to serve her.
Minutes later Windsor Locks police showed up, saying the waitress felt threatened by the women and asked the nuns to leave.
"This was racism and that's it." says Esdaile........

........."So why wasn't there bad service for everyone? The bad service was directed at these two black women who were escorted out by the police."
The NAACP wants answers from Ramada's management and the nuns also want an apology.
"I am angry and because of what my faith says to me that I have to speak up and say no more."
The general manager of Ramada says when his investigation is over he plans to address the matter publicly. ...............


Christopher King said...

I am in CT as well, over in Norwalk. I am glad that the NAACP is going to do something. I have had to step in and help in CT all the way from Nashua NH on request of the President there to help her sister in hartford, and in general much of the upper east coast NAACP is worthless.

Surf around in my 460 entry blawg and you'll see some interesting things.

Here's a good starter:

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i left a comment on your blog. i'll have to give YOUR blog much more time this weekend!

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