Thursday, March 16, 2006

i'm a smoker

i'm not proud of it, but i am what i am.

i won't buy butts in walgreens any longer. they DEMAND an id. by the way, i am WELL over the age of 30 and YES they DEMANDED MY id on ALL of the occassions i bought cigarettes there. not only do they LOOK at the id, they enter the date of birth into their registers. so i'm just not going to stop at walgreens for ANYTHING. they have lost my bid-nez because they invaded my privacy (i understand the need to card people buying certain items. however, when one is MY AGE, ONE DOESN'T NEED TO BE CARDED. and no, i'm NOT flattered)

now it seems cvs will be doing the same using the age 27 as a cut off. now we'll see if i get asked for id or not. not only am i well over that age, i LOOK LIKE I'M WELL OVER THAT AGE.

CVS reaches agreement with 42 states on tobacco sales
By Ray Henry, Associated Press Writer March 15, 2006

PROVIDENCE, R.I. --CVS Corp. has reached an agreement with Connecticut, 41 other states and the District of Columbia by promising to strengthen practices that keep minors from buying tobacco products.
Under the voluntary settlement, the pharmacy chain agreed to check the identities of customers who attempt to purchase tobacco products if they look younger than 27.
CVS officials also agreed not to use self-service displays or vending machines to sell tobacco products and to train employees on state and local laws regulating tobacco sales.
The Woonsocket-based company also must hire an independent monitor to check its compliance at 5,400 stores nationwide. CVS officials did not disclose the cost of implementing the agreement.
"I applaud CVS' commitment to fight underage tobacco use," said Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal. "This agreement strikes a blow against underage smoking in Connecticut and nationwide."......

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