Thursday, March 16, 2006

i thought this would be a very nice time to post a link to

Connecticut Historical Society Museum’s important Civil War collection, holds a rediscovered national treasure in the Lincoln assassination flag— the very same flag that Lincoln was verified to have clutched as John Wilkes Booth delivered the fatal shot at Ford’s Theatre on April 14, 1865. Photo courtesy of Connecticut Historical Society.

the connecticut historical society museum

it's a lovely building (i'll try to swing by after work today and take a picture or two) just off of asylum avenue on elizabeth street.

Society Director Takes On New Orleans Challenge

By OSHRAT CARMIEL, Courant Staff Writer
David M. Kahn, the executive director of the Connecticut Historical Society Museum, is stepping down in May to take a job in New Orleans as the director of the Louisiana State Museum.Kahn, who has headed the city museum for more than nine years, said that the opportunity to move to New Orleans and help a historic institution rebuild in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was an assignment he could not pass up
I've had a long-term interest in New Orleans and Louisiana history and culture," Kahn said.He acquired a personal collection of 25 rare, first-edition books on Louisiana history, and said he has family there. "There really isn't any other circumstance under which I can imagine leaving Hartford," he said. Kahn begins his work in Louisiana on May 15, three days after leaving his post in Hartford..............



So sue me, Rose. I don't want to read about politics today, I don't want to be depressed and morose, stockpiling mercury tuna under my bed. So I came to your nutmeg blog, because I like the tree------->

And because its not black. I too am over thirty and the black blogs start to get to my eyeballs. I cannot believe these stores enter ANYTHING about age in a register, that seems wrong although I can't totally put my brain on why. Except to say it seems invasive. Unnecessarily so.

a rose is a rose said...

for you lily, all next week, NO politics on EITHER of my blogs. well monday-friday (next). i'm tapped out myself. it just so damn ugly

CTB said...

Its exhausting, is what it is, to read about our complacency and all that we just sit in witness of.

a rose is a rose said...

yes it IS exhausting. i've not read many papers this week and the only politics i've heard about is on the blogs i read. it kind of nice to put it aside for a week, BUT on the other hand it's not really put out of my mind totally. i found a couple of articles i DID want to post but couldn't this week. i did bookmark one of them for future discussion