Tuesday, July 05, 2011

my personal feeling?

well i think  you know it but i'll articulate it any damn way. it's just this: IF you join this church or follow this EX CON (yes, i believe SOME - NOT ALL people can and do change) you deserve EVERYTHING you get (taken away from you)

Conservative Sect's Leader, Who Served 12 Years In Prison For Larceny, Opens Church In Enfield

The Hartford Courant
Archbishop John P. Walzer's biography, posted on the website of the Catholic Charismatic Church, begins with his consecration in 1990 and ends with his succession to church patriarch in 2009.
Walzer, who operated churches in BranfordWest Haven and East Hartford prior to his conviction, and in New Haven afterward, said that the church — which is not affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church — decided to move to the red clapboard house at 195 N. Maple St. because of the "opportunity to buy an ideal property for a missionary district."...........
The biography omits the 12 years that Walzer — who has just opened a new church in Enfield — served in prison for first-degree larceny. But church officials say that what is in the past is in the past. ...............

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