Tuesday, June 14, 2011

pretty cool!

my friend amy is a birder and did a bunch of bird stuff for Audubon last summer. they'd have to go out and count birds and band birds and watch birds. literally FIELD WORK

we have some blue herons at work. they're beautiful to watch fly
pic: An American Anhinga in full plumage is seen at Shark Valley in Everglades National Park, Florida. (Tim Chapman/Miami Herald/MCT)

'Devil Bird' Spotted In Hamden, Believed To Be First Time Photographed In Connecticut

The Hartford Courant
Florence McBride of Hamden was scanning Lake Whitney with a telescope early Saturday morning, looking for birds, when she spotted a long-necked specimen similar to a cormorant.
An avid birder, McBride knew it was an anhinga, a large aquatic bird whose name is taken from a Brazilian tribal phrase for "devil bird." Anhingas had never been photographed in Connecticut until last weekend. McBride and fellow birder Nancy Specht were on the Waite Street bridge in Hamden taking part in an annual two-day summer inventory to document the area's bird population when they saw it...........

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