Friday, April 08, 2011

why would one family need:

 62 rifles, some shot guns, some machine guns, 10 pistols, a flare gun a grenade launcher, two crossbows and a MASSIVE amount of ammo? WHY?  WHY would someone allow an open gun cabinet in the room of a 12 year old who, 3 years ago (accidentally????) shot his father in the neck?there is NOTHING in the entire universe which could justify that cache of weapons in a home with children. NOTHING would YOU want these people as neighbors? HELL, i don't want 'em in our COUNTRY much less our state or my neighborhood.

Police: 12-Year-Old Who 'Recklessly' Fired Gun Is Same Boy Who Shot Father In 2008

The Hartford Courant
A 12-year-old seen firing a rifle at his home without supervision, leading to his mother's arrest Wednesday, is the same boy who shot his father in the neck three years ago, police said.
A neighbor saw the boy "recklessly firing a .22-caliber rifle without supervision" on the family's property on Jan. 18, according to police. The allegation led to the arrest of the mother, Alexandria Simonelli, 51, on charges of risk of injury to a minor and first-degree reckless endangerment, police said.
She posted $20,000 bail and is scheduled to be arraigned April 19 at Superior Court in Middletown............

pic: Police seized 62 rifles, shotguns and machine guns from the Wopowog Road home after Joseph Simonelli Sr. was accidentally shot in the neck, according to the 2008 arrest warrant. (Fox CT)

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