Wednesday, March 30, 2011

this is west hartford.........we do NOT have shootings here

at any rate, three are caught, 2 are missing. if tried and FOUND GUILTY (of course they are only alleged attempted MURDERERS as of this moment) the minors should be charged as adults and all of 'em should do the MAXIMUM time. a gun in the hand of a minor in a neighborhood. the (alleged) shooter EATING EFFING POUNDCAKE as he's firing. no. no and no



Five Charged In Connection With West Hartford Shooting

The Hartford Courant

Five young men remain in custody this morning in connection with a shooting Tuesday afternoon on Abbotsford Avenue that left a man critically injured.
Police said Thursday that a 17-year-old from West Hartford was the shooter. They did not identify him because of his age. He is charged with attempted murder, first-degree assault, unlawful discharge of a firearm, carrying a pistol without a permit, and possession of less than four ounces of marijuana.
Police charged four others, including another 17-year-old who was not named, with conspiracy to commit first-degree assault. The three who police named are Andre Cooke, 18, of 62 South Quaker Lane, Marcus Stevens, 18, of 91 Red Top Drive, and Justin Reyes, 18, of 156 Dart St., Hartford...............

.........The shooter was apparently eating pound cake when he opened fire, LaSata said............



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