Saturday, December 04, 2010

if you've never been to the hill-stead NOW is a good time

it's a VERY SHORT hop skip and drive (there's even a highway exit VERY close) from hartford. there is NO excuse. get your arse down there. 

American Collector's Christmas'

Employees Planning Special Event Sunday To 'Meet' The Pope Riddle Family

The Hartford Courant


At the Hill-Stead Museum on Mountain Road, it is Christmas — in 1921.
Theodate Pope Riddle, a pioneering female architect whose work includes Avon Old Farms School, and her husband, John Riddle, are preparing to go to Argentina, where John will be the U.S. ambassador. But first, they must host holiday visitors at their estate, which Pope Riddle designed for her parents as a retirement home at the turn of the century.................

the hill-stead museum

(pic from the hill-stead website linked above)


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