Tuesday, November 16, 2010

once again, i'm saddened i don't believe in hell

but i can STILL IMAGINE someone like this BURNING IN IT FOR ETERNITY (i wish no one harm. as i said, in my mind, i can't help but imagine this though). it's in the courant, but it's an ap article so you'll have to click on the link

even though david weaving has a HISTORY OF DUI, he wasn't charged with dui, the day he hit and killed a 14  year old connecticut boy who was riding his bike. he WAS charged with manslaughter and is pulling down 10 for that.

weaving was going 83 miles an hour in a 40 something zone. he attempted to pass another car and hit and killed the 14 year old boy. and weaving has the stones to sue the boys parents? NO. NO and NO. BURN BABY BURN (figuratively NOT literally)

Conn. driver in prison for manslaughter blames parents for death of boy he ran over

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