Tuesday, November 02, 2010

i voted

and i voted at morley school. i voted at 6 am. one used to vote in the front of the school in the auditorium. now one has to vote in the BACK of the school in the gym. i parked on the gym side, but the gates weren't open yet so i had to drive around to the front  side and walk around to the gym side. it was PITCH BLACK. no lights on the school grounds and NO lights on IN the school (at the front). there was a rape VERY near that school a few days ago. someone wasn't thinking. fine, it will be daylight soon, but as i type this, it's STILL pitch out. whoever is in charge, the police, the school, the town hall, the registrar of voters, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't let this happen again next year. 

1) make sure the gate is open at the REAR of the school
2) make sure LIGHTS are on, on the grounds
3) make sure LIGHTS ARE ON IN the front of the school.

it will be dark out early this evening and people will still be voting. can you do something prior to tonight?

oh, one more thing, linda mcmahon should NOT hold ANY public office in connecticut. i heard on the radio, vincey was going to be giving out FREE WWE/WWF (whatever the hell it's called now) stuff at 'selected' polls. someone (i think they said the justice dept but not sure) put the kibosh on THAT (thank the goddess). and i heard vincey complaining he was being unfairly treated. UNFAIR my big fat arse. stfu vince AND linda

just looked it up, here's vince crying:
<a href="http://newstimes.com/news/article/Under-pressure-from-feds-WWE-cancels-poll-day-782294.php">Under pressure from feds, WWE cancels poll-day giveaway

It's not often that Vince McMahon calls someone a bully.
But the World Wrestling Entertainment chief executive, who is married to Republican Senate candidate Linda McMahon, is referring to the Justice Department in those terms.
McMahon pulled the plug Monday on a planned Election Day giveaway of wrestling merchandise at select polling locations across Connecticut, citing pressure from the Justice Department, whom he accused of abusing its power............

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