Thursday, September 16, 2010

a sad day

i worked in avon FOREVER and have eaten in avon old farms hundreds of times. i loved it's oldness, it's creakiness, it's unevenness. i loved the fires in the winter. 

i DON'T love avon mountain. i DON'T love what they're doing (is it going to be safer? it sure isn't right now). i'm not sure i'd want MY restaurant at the end of a runaway truck ramp either

at any rate, i shall miss you avon old farms inn 

Avon Old Farms Inn Closes

The Avon Old Farms Inn restaurant, a landmark at the foot of Avon Mountain where generations of Hartford area residents held private gatherings, has closed.

The property had been in foreclosure proceedings since March 2009, according to court records. The owner, Shawn Daigle, reached an agreement last week with GE Capital in lieu of foreclosure, Bartley Halloran, a lawyer for Daigle said.

"GE Capital now owns the property, and Daigle has lost all the equity he invested," Halloran said Wednesday.................

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