Tuesday, September 07, 2010

even when there is no war, women at war

being a woman in the military IS harder than being a male in the military. it just is. from the harassment to the need to prove you're equal to everyone else (look up figures for the percentage of military women who are assaulted. it ain't pretty AND it's not the whole story. as in civilian life, more DON'T report the crime). our hero women need an organization that will assist them when they're home

Connecticut Starts Group For Women Veterans

Patty Youngberg, Shelley Parker, Heather Sandler and Dawn Works-Dennis have been to war, seen the pain and lived to tell their stories.

They are four of about 15,000 women veterans in Connecticut, all who share a common bond: They are women who know how to survive in the worst of circumstances.

The role of women in the military has changed over time, but the military experience is the common denominator, said Linda Schwartz, commissioner of the state Department of Veterans Affairs. It doesn't matter their age, veterans still can share stories and help one another, said Schwartz, who was an Army nurse during the Vietnam War.......................

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