Thursday, August 19, 2010

i know several of our medicines are based on herbal remedies

i know we can't all be sucking on willow bark all of the time - so now we have aspirin. well i prefer the willow bark.

i don't want to take a pill with a lot of numbers and funny letter combinations in it. i'd RATHER just make a tea of the herbs. i guess that's not always possible

OH AND ONE MORE THING. LEGALIZE POT. AT THE VERY LEAST FOR MEDICINAL PURPOSES. it WILL help people who are going through chemo (as well as other ailments). and if you're wondering. NO i don't smoke marijuana. it's not ME i'm thinking of (this time)

Yale Researchers Look To Ancient Remedy To Fight Side Effects of Chemotherapy

Yale researchers have developed a medication based on a Chinese herbal recipe more than 1,800 years old to counteract the adverse effects of chemotherapy.
The medicine, called PHY906, would relieve the gastrointestinal side effects of a common chemotherapy drug known as CPT-11, but not the drug's effectiveness in fighting cancer cells. Yung-Chi Cheng, a professor of pharmacology at Yale and the paper's senior author, calls the medication "a marriage of Western and Eastern approaches to the treatment of cancer."..............


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