Thursday, July 01, 2010

of COURSE it was the fault of the ELEVEN YEAR OLD GRRRL

she was SO damn sexy in her white socks. on top of what it seems to me, BLAMING rape on an 11 year old, he gets 7 1/2 years? 7 1/2 years? WTF? then the article goes on to say 7 1/2 years of 'special probation'. SPECIAL PROBATION? does that mean he doesn't actually serve time? W T F????????????//

well it really doesn't matter
1) she is in this country illegally
2) she was asking for it
3) she is in fact ONLY a girl

Man Who Raped 11-Year-Old Tells Judge He "Succumbed To Temptation"

Before Luis Malguichahua was sentenced Wednesday to 7 1/2 years for sexually assaulting a young girl, his attorney read a letter in which Malguichahua said he was weak and had succumbed to temptation.

Malguichahua, 27, then spoke during the court proceeding at Superior Court in Hartford. He apologized to the victim, her mother and anyone else who might have been offended by his crime.

"Unfortunately, sometimes it's just not enough to say I'm sorry. Nor is it enough to say you feel remorse or that you succumbed to temptation," said Judge David P. Gold.............

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