Sunday, April 25, 2010

west hartford peeps, get ready for

new recycling bins (and recycling every TWO weeks instead of every week). it's actually a GOOD idea i think,0,7939243.story">West Hartford Homes To Receive Bins For Single-Stream Recycling
By BILL LEUKHARDT The Hartford Courant
New 95-gallon recycling barrels, — more than five times the capacity of the 18-gallon bins now in use — will be delivered to 22,000 residences in the next few weeks as the town prepares to go to single-stream recycling.

That means people can cram glass, paper, plastics, etc. into the new blue bin, without separating. By increasing recycling town-wide, it should save the town money by reducing the weight of trash tossed out for disposal.

"We estimate we might save as much as $100,000 in tipping fees," Town Manager Ron Van Winkle said Monday. Officials expect the amount of trash disposed for $63-a-ton to decrease and the amount of revenue-generating recyclables to increase.

The new system is scheduled to start June 7. The private contractor that collects residential trash has new vehicles with robotic arms to quickly pick up and empty the larger recycling containers.

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