Sunday, April 18, 2010

if you're afraid to go to chilis in GLASTONBURY

without packing heat, i would suggest you stay the fuck at home. is this a small penis thing (you know, like driving a hummer)?

it's obvious i don't like guns. in all seriousness i know it's not against the law to own one (gun laws aren't tough enough of course). why do you have to walk around with one strapped to your hip (or elsewhere)? pissing on your territory? this isn't the wild west. it's 2010 in connecticut. if you're that afraid, sit in your house in an old rocking chair in front of the door, with a pistol or rifle or whatever. don't walk the streets where children are, where the elderly are. where i am


i am so very sickened by this

Support Is Growing For Openly Carrying Permitted Weapons

The Hartford Courant

An eruption in a simmering dispute over gun rights occurred when James Goldberg, wearing camouflage clothing and a holstered — and licensed — pistol on his right hip, walked into a Chili's restaurant in upscale Glastonbury, where he intended to pay for a takeout order.

According to Goldberg, a college-educated, occupational safety engineer, a restaurant employee, concerned by the sight of an armed customer, called the town police department. A goggle-eyed luncheon crowd watched three officers roll up, confront Goldberg and handcuff him.

"What can we get him for?" Goldberg, 32, says one of the officers asked his colleagues.

The answer, as it turned out, was nothing.

A state Superior Court judge dismissed the breach of peace charge police ultimately filed against Goldberg, forcing law enforcement experts to concede that, absent extenuating circumstances, there is nothing in Connecticut law to prohibit licensed gun owners from conducting their lives visibly armed.

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