Wednesday, March 03, 2010


an 85 year old walks into danbury hospital and starts shooting? well we all know how i feel about guns.

not much known yet. well there is the fact the nurse that ended up getting shot THREW HIS BODY IN FRONT OF SOMEONE ELSE. so we know the nurse is a hero. i also believe even though he was shot 3 times, he will recover

(ps what's with the courant teaming with fox? i'm not even going to call it faux because the LOCAL fox news isn't the same as the national FAUX 'NEWS'.)

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Shooting Inside Danbury Hospital

The Hartford Courant / Fox CT

DANBURY - An 85-year-old hospital patient faces first-degree assault and other charges after opening fire this afternoon at Danbury Hospital and wounding a nurse.

Police are still working to determine why Stanley Lupienski of Brookfield took a gun to the hospital. He apparently shot a nursing supervisor three times in the hospital's eighth floor cardiology department. The nurse was rushed to the emergency room. Hospital officials said he was in stable condition.

"We take care of patients all the time and a lot of times patients are upset with us for one reason or another," said Dr. Aparna Oltikar, a hospitalist at Danbury Hospital. "To think they can just do this, it changes your view of what you do."..................

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