Sunday, January 31, 2010

i know he's 78

but with a history of dui and now (allegedly) breaking into a bank WITH A GUN, while intoxicated....well ALL of those things are deadly (including the cars). i was just informed someone i knew for years and years died in a car accident on thursday morning at about 1:30 am. she was only 27 years old. she wasn't wearing a seatbelt (she was the passenger) and police believe alcohol may be involved. the driver lived but i think he's still in the hospital. i'm not saying she caused her death. of course she didn't. if alcohol WAS involved, she never should have gotten into that car (is all i'm saying). she was beautiful and bright and a hard worker and had one hell of a personality. now, she no longer exists. poof. at any rate i digress. 21 or 80, you CANNOT allow someone with a history of dui to continue to operate cars AND to continue to own guns. if proven guilty they damn well better take mr torn's guns away FOR GOOD (do i feel badly about ranting and raving about rip torn? not when deadly weapons such as cars and guns are involved). by the way, i think he's one hell of an actor. he was absolutely brilliant on the larry sanders show. this is an ap article so if you want to read it, click on the link

Police: Actor Rip Torn Charged With Breaking Into Bank

this one is reuters...

Actor Rip Torn arrested drunk, armed in Conn. bank

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Emmy award winning actor Rip Torn, who has had a recurring role in the NBC hit "30 Rock," has been arrested after police found him intoxicated and armed inside a Connecticut bank at the weekend.

Torn, 78, was being held on $100,000 bond after state police responded to an alarm at the Litchfield Bank in Salisbury, the Connecticut town where the actor lives, and found him inside the closed bank "with a loaded revolver" and "highly intoxicated," according to a police report issued on Saturday.

He was charged with burglary, criminal trespass and criminal mischief and weapons charges.........

pic: an older mug shot.

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