Thursday, December 31, 2009

it's NOT classified

why throw fear into ORDINARY CITIZENS.

do your fucking jobs. the jobs include taking a NIGERIAN EXECUTIVE WHO STOPS BY A CONSULATE TO REPORT STRANGE GOINGS ON BY HIS SON (this is UNHEARD of by the way) seriously. you KNEW something was up.

really, patting someone down is NOT classified. and really, not letting someone relieve themselves for the last hour of a flight is FUCKING TORTURE (or it would be in MY case as i am on prescription diuretics)

steven and christopher, you have my sympathies. i'm sorry the cia or the tsa or homeland security or the fbi or WHOMEVER didn't do their jobs and now we can't have shite on our laps on a plane ride or get up for the last hour (how is THAT going to make a difference i ask you. it's STUPID)

ok, i'm going to stop now

TSA Threatens Blogger Who Posted New Screening Directive

By Kim Zetter

Two bloggers received home visits from Transportation Security Administration agents Tuesday after they published a new TSA directive that revises screening procedures and puts new restrictions on passengers in the wake of a recent bombing attempt by the so-called underwear bomber.

Special agents from the TSA’s Office of Inspection interrogated two U.S. bloggers, one of them an established travel columnist, and served them each with a civil subpoena demanding information on the anonymous source that provided the TSA document.

The document, which the two bloggers published within minutes of each other Dec. 27, was sent by TSA to airlines and airports around the world and described temporary new requirements for screening passengers through Dec. 30, including conducting “pat-downs” of legs and torsos. The document, which was not classified, was posted by numerous bloggers. Information from it was also published on some airline websites................

cia sat on underwear bomber report: blame game erupts

bottom pic: TSA Special Agent John Enright, left, speaks to Steven Frischling outside the blogger's home in Niantic, Connecticut, after returning Frischling's laptop Wednesday.
Photo: Thomas Cain/

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